TASTE is the culinary platform of food photographer, director, and founder, Thomas Schauer. Thomas sees the world through photography and film accompanied by sound.

Thomas’ 20 signature cookbooks for globally renowned chefs showcase his passion. He captures the extraordinary creations of Dominique Ansel, Daniel Boulud, David Bouley, and many more. 

Along with Thomas, co-founder Tim Case came together to launch TASTE. They bring extensive experience from the tabletop industry. “We’re so thankful to have partnered with each other at this pivotal point”, said Tim. “Our collective goals at TASTE are driven by art and beauty. Together I trust that the two of us can capture the defining stories of food, beverage, and objects. I have unqualified confidence that Thomas will be among the elite tabletop directors within no time.” 

 “If we want to make luxurious culinary film accessible nationwide and take food visualization to a whole other level, our clients’ successes should be ours too. That way, everyone wins.” – Thomas Schauer


What We Do

Our job is simple. With over 20 years of photography and motion experience, TASTE exists to fulfill each client’s needs. Whether a humble root vegetable or a Michelin-starred composition, we create an exclusive visual language to showcase each dish at its absolute best.

Fresh, modern and product sensitive, TASTE cares deeply about food culture, leveraging our relationships with master chefs to ensure that our production expertise and gourmet knowledge produces the best, and most authentic, cuisine branding possible. Taste offers both motion and still capture packages to suit every need from the simplest to the most complex shoots in the competitive market today!

TASTE is available for small to large-scale productions on an international scale, operating studios in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as in Vienna, Austria.



Thomas Schauer

Thomas Schauer has established himself as one of the world’s leading culinary photographers, shooting extensive campaign work for over two decades between Vienna and New York.

Growing up in his native Austria, Thomas cultivated an artistic sensibility inspired by the European culture that surrounded him. His deep knowledge and passion for food led to work with Samsung, Nespresso, Uncle Ben’s, Wegmans, Papa John’s, Harper Collins, Fuji Film and Simon & Schuster.

Thomas’ work has been exhibited globally. His first solo exhibition “Pure Real Taste” took place at La Boite in New York City. That same year, he was invited to exhibit in Osaka, Japan.

Thomas has created over 20 cookbooks for celebrated chefs including Dominique Ansel, Daniel Boulud and David Bouley. Complementing his portfolio is the nomination for the 2013 Onaeba “Shimizu Award” in Osaka, Japan; the 2013 second place Pink Lady Award for “Best Food Photographer in the World,” in Wine; and the 2012 Gourmand Cookbook Award for Best Cocktail Book, “Cocktails.”

With TASTE, Thomas has transitioned into motion and sound where he continues to work with some of the world’s leading gourmet brands.


Tim Case

Co-founder of TASTE and founder/owner of Supply&Demand, Tim has been in the commercial industry for over 20 years. He has worked at the upper echelon of advertising throughout his career, counting hundreds of clients as his dear friends.

Tim has worked with a long list of recognized directors including Tony Kaye, Frank Budgen, Marcus Nispel, Jake Scott, Joseph Kahn – as well as tabletop legends Irv Blitz and Peter Elliot.

Tim was introduced to Thomas Schauer during a charitable event by advertising icon Tor Myhren, CCO of Grey Advertising and Vice President of Marketing Communications at Apple.

“The minute I shook Thomas’s hand that night, I knew it was what I’ve been waiting for so many years – someone with immeasurable talent and character to build on it. ” Tim explains. “He is a dream come true as both partner and creative force.”